Precision Farming

Also known as satellite farming or site specific crop management, precision farming is widely used in areas of the Midwest. Jacobi Sales is a willing partner in the roll-out and establishment of sustainable technology applications for our customers who utilize GPS technology as part of their agricultural operations.

Jacobi Sales is committed to bringing the most accurate information to their farmers every day of the year. This requires a trained staff willing to learn about new and innovative products that helps decrease cost and fatigue, while improving pass-to-pass repeatability. With this knowledge, a customer's preference is not limited when it comes to product selection. In addition, we will provide our customers with the best products and support from both Ag Leader and Case IH technology. Our willingness to provide the highest level of precision farming continues with our growing number of JacobiNet RTK stations. We currently have seven towers in southern Indiana and we plan to establish several more in the upcoming years. Whether you are planting in the spring or harvesting in the fall, Jacobi is dedicated to giving its customers the most stable GPS signal, and the most reliable products and support.

Ag Leader Technology

Case IH Agriculture